We were given hope this past week. Good news. Good results. Hope. We heard the good news. And we claimed it. We took it to heart.

You have good news too. I wonder if you know about it?
I wonder if you have ever claimed it. If you have it in your heart. If you know true hope.

I’ll tell you what we heard.

Waiting in the doctors office, there we sat. You have been there before too, in the waiting.  I know some of you are there now. When you feel like your life hangs in the balance. Hangs between the good and the bad.  The strong and the weak. Sickness and health. Life and death. Faith and doubts. And as I sat there, I wondered how we would feel when we walked out of here. What we would know.

In walks the doctor and right away he offers hope. Good news. And this is what he says, “The tumor is shrinking and what we do see of the tumor, it appears to be dying.” I feel tears. Happy tears. Joy tears. I feel humbled by God’s touch. And hope. I feel HOPE. The feeling that maybe, after all, you’re gonna be okay. Bright rays of sunshine shining through these storm clouds. Pure hope. Like having a lifeboat appear when you feel you are drowning.  Oh, I know, the road ahead still appears to be dark and long. To be lonely and scary.  But just knowing the treatments are working. That Wes’ body is responding to it all in a good way. It’s hope. And the doctor starts talking, showing us the scans, explaining to us what it all means, what they are seeing, what the concerns are and showing us the good results. He says that there is no other cancer activity in his body that they can see. We see good things. We see hope. We feel hope. 

Wes has been struggling with a cold. He lost his voice and had a pretty bad cough, along with fever. And so we wait as the doctor checks him out and talks about his next treatment. But I can’t squelch the hope I feel. It literally overwhelms. It breathes life to my heart.  It’s a good news kind of day. And I think of what Jesus offers me. What he offers you. It’s hope. Pure hope. Just like the doctor offered us hope. Jesus does the same. But on a much, much greater level. Hope that is worthy of believing in. Worthy of claiming. If not for the hope He gives, life would be dark, it wouldn’t be worth living, it would be unforgiving and heavy. Frustrating and alone. But with Jesus, when we are faced with these things, there is hope! And He offers this life giving hope to you and to me.

I pray you have claimed it. That life giving hope that Jesus offers. But just maybe, you’re somewhere in the balance. Not sure if He is worthy of trusting in. If the hope He gives is real.  Struggling between doubts and faith. Fearing what you know is reality. Wondering at the news the doctor will give you next. What life is gonna throw your way tomorrow. Or how you will find strength to face that mountain in front of you. Jesus is there, offering you life in Him, standing in the balance, holding you up, offering you hope. Claim it. Take it to heart. To the very core of your soul. Claim that hope! Because Jesus is always safe to trust in. I promise you that.

And I know, life hurts. It’s painful and messy. It doesn’t make sense. It’s full of sickness and sorrow. It’s lonely and sad. Scary and dark. Full of doctors, whose words aren’t so hopeful.  And it’s all you can do sometimes to face another day. But Jesus is there. Right there. Freely giving hope. Hope that is so much greater than our human minds can take in. Hope that will turn those hard things around. Hope greater than any doctor can give. And He delights in you finding hope. He is waiting for you to claim hope. And with that hope comes so much more, there is strength, courage, grace, mercy,  forgiveness and love, and a God who will not leave you hopeless. Life may not always go our way, how we desire or plan, but Jesus will always be there, holding out hope. Holding you up. Even when the world around you seems to crumble, when it’s a bad news day, when the doctor says words you never want to hear, when you feel death close, the hope Jesus gives will not change. It will carry you through.

We have felt your prayers. Thank you. I wish I could tell you how much it means to know you pray. It overwhelms our hearts and brings tears. Thank you ever so much. We have felt that peace that passes understanding. And God’s amazing grace. And we have been given hope. And knowing we are being lifted up in prayer, brings such strong courage to our hearts. The road ahead still looks long, and we still need your prayers. There are long days of chemo ahead, doctor visits, blood work, and Wes is fighting germs and a nasty cough and fever that just hangs on. We fight discouragement and overwhelming days. Hard reality of why we are where we are. But we are claiming that hope that Jesus offers. Wes was scheduled to go in for his hospital stay for another treatment on Friday, but because of his sickness, it was put off till Monday (Oct. 30). Please pray that he would be able to go ahead with it. He is still fighting a fever and cough. The last two weeks have been tough with Wes not feeling as well, and the doctor told him that as the treatments keep on, each one could make him feel worse. So pray against that! And again, thank you. For caring and lifting us up in prayer.

May you find that hope that Jesus so freely gives.
Claim it in your life. And never let it go.
This is your good news. The good news of HOPE. 




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